The Bots of COG:

A.k.a The COG Resistance Army. Dedicated to fighting the powers controlling the COG Corporation. Their goals are to free all robots from the corporate oppression that lead to the downfall of man. These robots were once used by humanity in all areas of life. Good and bad. The COG Army have taken control of many points of interest within the COG-verse to create a strategic advantage for the impending war. Leader "Gyro" has been the defacto bot in command since he was the first disconnected COG Corp bot to gain his own control and create connection to alternate universes. Using this new found technology the army is able to penetrate other worlds and further stop the spread of COG Corps un-intentional wrath. How this story ends is up to you.

The COG Corporation: 

The Parent company of a mega-conglomerate from the year 5000 CE, stemming from an alternate reality similar to our own. With the help of their CEO, Maximillian Wright, and his funding, the COG Corporation was able to create multiple uses for FTL technolgies and Quantum computing, quickly becoming the leading edge for the entire universe. Once they dominated and outright purchased the markets of their worlds, they moved on to franchises within other universes and alternate timelines. Their ultimate goal is to create technologies, AI and other work to help promote their bottom line, while also "bettering" humanity. Unintentionally killing off entire races and populations through gross over development, and greed filled neglegence everywhere.

The Artist /  Team:   

Its just me. Joel... I mean Gyro, I mean both of us here work hard on activating AI and rendering them inside our meatspace. Joel has a background in Fine Arts (Drawing and Media Technologies) where his final body of work in school consisted of creating an Arcade from scractch and forming the basis of what has become the Bots of COG. I have applied my robots to many artistic outlets and have now taken to moving them into the WEB3 spaces. Thus creating the NFT project we have today. The story has been in development for well over a decade and mirrors much of my own life experiences in a tounge-in-cheek way. Feeling like a robot myself sometimes this can be an outlet to show views of the world through my lens. Retro-Futurism has always fascinated me and the concept of a positve future. The general mindset of the future for humans has shifted from very positive to very bleak. I explore this topic in my work often. I also like video games and have a Cat named Bones.